cmonchan da duck
graced by the touch civilization
now looms larger than life.
Alone in da room
eating, sleeping, and dancing on the web.
It's fulfilling time for sure tho
is this all my duck life?

in 2024 #WITCHA

Let's get busy on the net. cmon!

cmonchan family duck

On a gentle spring day with a soft breeze blowing, da momma duck welcomed her six tiny ducklings into the world.
The lively little ducklings were named Cmoru, Cmone, Cmoko, Cmomi, Cmoyo, and Cmon.

Alright, everyone, follow me. Don't wander off," said da momma as her little ones started waddling behind her on their tiny feet.

"Cmon, over here! Cmon, hurry up! Hey, Cmon!!!"

The ducklings were quacking with delight at the beauty of the world.

supa dupa duck

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